SHOPSMITH NOVA G3 Bundled Woodturning Chuck

SHOPSMITH NOVA G3 Bundled Woodturning Chuck
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This bundled item is a SHOPSMITH Exclusive product, designed for Mark V and Mark 7 Machines only.  Please see SHOPSMITH website for more details or to purchase. 

The NOVA G3 is an ideal chuck for Mini, Midi and smaller lathes with 14" - 16" diameter swing. Provides high power geared chuck option for smaller lathes.

Its light weight, and with less overhang which is perfect for smaller lathe spindles. The small 1.79" body length delivers less overhang from the spindle than the larger geared Chucks - the SuperNova2 Chuck and the Nova Titan Chuck, reducing stress on smaller lathe spindles.

Important Note: This product comes with a Shopsmith compatible Chuck Insert/Adaptor to fit to your Shopsmith Mark V or Mark 7, and also includes a Pin Accessory Jaw Set as standard. This product is only suitable for use on Shopsmith Mark V or Mark 7 machines.

Features standard on all NOVA chucks:

  • Quality Materials.
  • Precision Machining.
  • Common Accessory Jaw Fixing Profile – compatible across all NOVA chucks and accessories.
  • High Tech Precision Composite Jaw Slides.
  • Special Woodturning Dovetail Profile on Jaws.
  • Auto Safety Stop Feature. Jaw slides can’t protrude past the chuck body.
  • Comprehensive Instructions.
  • Common Insert/Adaptor Fitting – compatible across all NOVA chucks.
  • Safe Lock™ Woodworm Screw. 
  • 2-Year Warranty


Additional SHOPSMITH G3 Features & Benefits

  • Small, Compact Design. Minimises load on small spindles and bearings.

  • Precision Machined. 

  • Open back for easy cleaning.

  • Powerful Geared Grip with Tuff Lock™ Technology. Precise, hardened geared action delivers incredible smooth strength. Solid, vibration free.

  • Single Handed Operation. Chuck key has fast, positive location, easy and comfortable to use. More time spent turning and less time spent preparing.  

  • Body made from precision machined 1045 High Tensile Steel, with a polished self metal finish to allow for closer tolerances.

  • Able to take all NOVA accessories jaws. However please note: the larger accessory jaws in the NOVA chuck range are not recommended for use on the NOVA G3 Chuck.  For more information, consult your NOVA Accessory Jaw Manual, or the NOVA Accessory Webpages.

  • Includes: SHOPSMITH NOVA G3 CHUCK, Pin Jaw Set, Shopsmith Chuck Adpator, 50mm Jaw Set, Fasteners, Manual, T-Bar Handle, Woodworm Screw, Instructions.

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